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Around the Pictures: May 14

A team Walker team beats Strike

Walker MS Lady Lobos A soccer team takes the Golden Ball win after beating Strike MS, 8-1.

B teams beats strike soccer

Walker MS B team soccer takes the Golden Ball win after beating Strike MS, 2-2 in PKs.


Walker Tennis champs

Walker MS hosted a teacher and student tennis tournament focusing on bulding relationships between educators and learners! Coach Jameson and Trent were the champs!

Walker Science

Walker MS Ms. Lambert's Jedi Knights get the job done in the first annual battle of Science STAAR Wars!

Prestwick Burritos

Prestwick Elementary teachers were treated by KW Realtor, Denise Hanti, for the work they have been doing all year to keep students motivated through this difficult year!

Chavez figurative context clues

Third grade Chavez students working in partners on figurative language.


Context clues


Third Grade Chavez students learning and growing each day by playing a baseball-themed escape room game.

Maker Space Learning

Makerspace Learning at Lakeview Elementary!

Brent Maker space

Brent 2nd grader showed off his helicopter built with Legos. Students were encouraged to build something they wanted to do this summer.


Hackberry kids playing kickball

Fourth Grade enjoyed beautiful weather Friday by playing a friendly game of kickball!