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LEISD Education Foundation Awards Teachers Over $39,000 in Teacher Grants

January 07, 2022

Monday morning there was smiling faces as the Little Elm ISD Education Foundation awarded teachers with an Innovative Teaching Grant. Though they couldn't fund every proposal, they awarded over $39,000 this year! 

Below are the Little Elm ISD Education Foundation's Innovative Teaching Grant Awardees:

Sarah Skinner, Heidi Richards-Cox, Jinhee Bae, Brent Elementary, $5000.00, Interactive Learning Environment

Jennifer Barns, Chavez Elementary, $1500.00, Literacy and Learning

Julie Ratliff, Hackberry Elementary, $572.36, Puppets Power Literacy

Hailey Brannon, Hackberry Elementary, $1039.00, Can You See Me Now??

Ellen Rogers, Hackberry Elementary, $1500.00, Family Literacy Event

Jamie Hatcher, Hackberry Elementary, $389.64, Headphones for Learning

Tamra Martin, Hackberry Elementary, $500.00, Bring on the Sunshine

Sarah Myatt, Hackberry Elementary, $1201.14, Innovative STEAM Learning

Melba Hardeman, Emily Birge, Thomas Nash, Sarah Shoemaker, Dorina Crutchfield, Hackberry Elementary, $3450.00, Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat

Beulah Mathews, Hackberry Elementary, $1083.40, The Hand-on Approach to Phonics

Mariza Escamilla, Hackberry Elementary, $1494.07, K-2 is Buzzworthy Learning

Jodi Kinard, Hackberry Elementary, $750.00, ELMO Document Camera

Carrie Smith, Jessica Evans, Lakeview Elementary, $5000.00, New STEM Kits for Elementary

Shelly Neer, Lakeview Elementary, $1500.00, Disc Golf Course

Evan Fee, Josh Vaughn, Ariel Ross, Little Elm High School, $1200.00, USB 10-Keys

Andrea Molina, Andrea Kier, Oak Point Elementary, $1295.65, Project Adventure SEL

Charlene Elmore, Ive Bohrmann, Lisa Harris, Irma Vego, Oak Point Elementary, $1300.00, Stem Bins for 2nd Grade Students

Brandon Jarrett, Strike Middle School, $257.22, Elegant Depth

Tiffany Troxclair, Strike Middle School, $1500.00, Students Helping Students

Jessica Cofield, Ericka Dupre, Alethia Arroyo, Strike Middle School, $2500.00, Let's Get in Rhythm

Kyla Heffernan, Walker Middle School, $1500.00, Digital Spatial Visualization