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Town of Little Elm & Little Elm ISD Hold first Active Shooter Drill

July 19, 2018

Little Elm ISD hosted a safety training in a joint-effort with the Little Elm Police Department and the Little Elm Fire Department Wednesday. It was the first of its kind to include the different emergency response departments and the District to simulate an active-shooter-type situation.

Active Shooter Drill

Deputy superintendent Ross Roberts said the LEPD and the LEFD approached him in the spring to ask if they could use the high school for the Town’s first hands-on active shooter training. “We said absolutely to this idea. School safety is our priority at this District and whatever we can do to help our local responders become familiar in our schools during a crisis, that’s what we are going to do,” said Roberts.

Active Shooter Drill at LEHS

More than 40 police officers, EMS, Fire, and Rescue personnel participated in the three-hour training. The drill involved actors who played victims and the role of an active shooter. Emergency personnel had to enter the facility, implement a rescue strategy, and eliminate the shooter.

LEPD Captain Brad Wilcox told his team they did a great job for their first training. “We are going to build on this kind of training, and it’s only going to get bigger and better,” said Wilcox. Chief Rodney Harrison also watched and injected his thoughts during the debrief. “Training with all these different scenarios are good, but it doesn’t come close to the real thing. When it’s happening, just like any situation you might encounter that gets escalated, you have to first use your common sense that’s going to save the most lives,” said Harrison.

Active Shooter Drill in Hallway

Roberts said the District did more than just observe emergency personnel during their training. “It sparked conversations with my safety and security team about what we need to do to strengthen our own safety protocols,” said Roberts. “Eventually, we want to expand this type of training to involve more of our leaders, students, and teachers. We need to do what we can to equip them in the event we are faced with a crisis.”