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LEISD School Board Approves Contract for Curriculum Audit

September 18, 2018

The Little Elm ISD Board of Trustees approved the contract with Texas Association of School Administrators and Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc. during Monday's board meeting. "I would like to bring in TASA to do an external audit of our curriculum," asked Daniel Gallagher, superintendent. "It's very important at this point in Little Elm ISD, that we take a look internally at the curriculum we are providing our teachers to ensure everything is aligned with the State standards," he said prior to the board taking action on the request. 

The curriculum audit examines all levels of the system that ultimately impact student learning: curriculum design and delivery and its alignment to Texas State Standards as well as the STAAR and EOC assessments, special programs, facilities, staff development initiatives, resource allocation, as well as others. These areas are reviewed to determine whether separate functions within the system work in a coordinated, efficient manner to maximize an effective classroom environment and quality instruction.

The audit will investigate the District’s curriculum under five universally accepted standards including:

  • Governance and Control

  • Direction and Clientele Expectations

  • Connectivity and Consistency

  • Assessment and Feedback

  • Productivity and Efficiency

"The results are going to be straight forward letting us know where we are doing well, and where we have a deficit. They will provide thorough recommendations on how to remedy it," said Gallagher.

The audit is expected to take place during the months of October or November. A preliminary report will be sent to the District ten days after the site visit and a full report will be available after three months. The District will post the findings on its website.