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Outscoring Opponents with the LMS Football A and B teams 474-0

November 8, 2018

High school football is king in Texas. Friday nights, it's about the community coming together to cheer on their hometown team. They are the teams that get all the media attention, win or lose, and for the other grade level football programs, they compete in the shadow of Varsity football. Until now. It's been ten years since Lakeside Middle School 7th grade football A & B teams won a District Championship. But what is even more impressive, none of the teams they played managed to get one single point on the board the entire season, making it a complete shutout every single game. It is an understatement to say LMS 7th grade finished their season strong. Head Coach Daniel English says this was a shining moment in his 36 years of being a Little Elm Lobo. 

7th grade football team

7th grade football team


Written by Daniel English

Lakeside hadn't won a district title since the 2008 and 2009 seasons. In 2008 we lost to Calhoun early in the season and then beat them 40-8 in the championship game. The next year we didn't lose a game and repeated as champions in the 8th grade. It was a great two years and the biggest parallel I can draw to both teams are the leadership and the buy-in. Of course, we expect this of each team but these two teams, in particular, took this and ran with it.  
This year we had one of the larger groups in our school's history. This wasn't by accident.  Pre-athletics was amazing for them in 6th grade and allowed us to evaluate them and set our expectations very early. Coach Jason Hansen saw the majority on a regular basis. We knew what we had before it arrived. We hit the kids up every day about playing football. We reminded each day that the more athletes we had the better chance we had to succeed. We went to PE and the hallways to see if there was someone we could have missed.  
Many of these 6th graders attended Pack Strong in the summer. Pack Strong is the Little Elm High School summer workouts. It involves strength and agility. 
Middle school coaches run the program under the high school's supervision. Coach Blake Jameson, Coach Hanson and I ran the boys side of the workouts. Coach Jameson and Coach Hanson are the offensive and defensive coordinators along with our C team head coach, Ben Jameson. I can't say enough about each of them. They love kids and put in so much time to make things run smooth. Like myself, they are Little Elm kids.  

During the preseason our entire staff coached 142 athletes, 122 of which ended up playing football. Coach Dominique Edison and Chandler Smith both played in the NFL, while, Coach Robert Grimes mentored me in my days coaching at Little Elm High School. Great staff.


From day one, actually our very first play of the season, it was evident that this group was something special. The first play went for a 70-yard touchdown run. These kids are amazing. They are amazing football players but more important than anything they are amazing students and leaders. They hold each other accountable and they expect the best from one another. They pick each other up and they celebrate each others success from the C to our A team. Early on they decided they did not want to be scored on. The opponents only crossed our 50-yard line a hand full of times.  


Outscoring opponents with the A and B teams 474-0?  Are you joking?  I've been a Lobo for 36 years and I have never seen that happen. In fact, I've never seen any team accomplish this. I have been around football my whole life.  


Yes, training was difficult, practices hard and structured.........the real reason these kids are so amazing is how they love. It's choking me up to write this because of how I feel about them. Take the wins away and they are still wonderfully talented and respectful young men. Will they slip? Yes.  Will times get hard?  Yes. I have full confidence in them to recover from any of the pitfalls being a young teenager entail.  


We are modeled 100% after the high school. We base our weight programs and our practices after Coach Kendrick Brown and his staff who have been supportive and helpful at every turn. We have an incredible support staff with our leader at Lakeside, Clint Miller.  It all starts at the very top on the athletic side, with our athletic director Sandra Howell and her athletic secretary, Alma Rutledge.  


More than anything the success goes to these 7th-grade boys and their parents. I can't say enough about what they mean to us. They made this kid from Little Elm's dream come true.  My heart is full.