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The 86th Legislative Session and What it Means for Little Elm ISD

January 29, 2019

The Texas Legislature is 17 days deep in its 140-day 86th legislative session. Public Education state funding is one of many priorities in the House and Senate as they discuss how the state should fund school districts.

Grant Anderson, associate superintendent and Chief Financial Officer is eyeing legislation and is confident in the financial strategies in place at Little Elm ISD.

"I will continue to closely watch the Texas legislature as Public Education Finance is a major item on the agenda. The Texas Commission on Public School Finance recently adopted its final recommendations to the state legislature. It appears the state legislature is focusing on property tax relief, revising the school funding formulas, and possibly identifying alternative/additional funding sources for public education. 

There are complexities in the Texas school finance system which causes financial risk to school districts; legislation is one of them. These risks, along with the possibility of a slowdown in the economy, are managed by establishing and maintaining sound financial strategies. 

One major strategy is the development and on-going management of financial forecasting models built on fiscally conservative methodology. Little Elm ISD's model includes monitoring key financial indicators and planning resources to help safeguard the district in the case of an adverse financial event. It is always possible future legislation could add to the District’s current financial burden. However, both short-term and long-term financial strategies and considerations have been implemented to help assure financial stability. It is my hope the state legislature and the educational community will work together to solve the complexities of Texas school finance."

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