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Destination 2025: A Renewed Focus

April 17, 2019

Little Elm ISD administrators, campus leaders, teachers, and staff members have used The Destination 2020 Strategic Plan set forth by the strategic planning committee in 2015 to guide their work at the District. The committee, which was made up of parents, community members, staff, and students, developed a plan that would help leaders intentionally design schools that would impact the children served by the District. As the District approaches the year 2020, District leaders have refreshed and updated the plan to prepare for the next five years. A small committee made it a point to honor the work the community did four years ago and preserved important components in the Destination 2025 Strategic Plan. This includes the vision, mission, and values that have been embraced by the community over the years. "I have worked in many Districts and I would say the vision is effective for our District, the mission is known across our District and is well-stated, and our values identify who we are as a District. We do not want to change those," said Daniel Gallagher, superintendent, at Monday's school board meeting. 

Administrators presented the Destination 2025 plan to board members who voted to approve the plan. "We have either completed the work, or the work we're doing is on-going in the Destination 2020 plan," said Ross Roberts, deputy superintendent.

During questioning, one board member shared her thoughts about how students who have graduated take pride in knowing the District has continued to value their work. "I really like what you have done. This is a fantastic extension of the work we began. I am looking forward to the new priorities," said LeAnna Harding, school board member. Harding served on the Strategic Planning Committee and helped design Destination 2020.

Comparing the two plans, the District has changed the wording, but the work will still have the same focus of building strong academic opportunities for students, recruiting and retaining highly qualified professionals to ensure student success, continuing to provide transparent and timely communication, building strong community partnerships, and focusing on fiscal health and sustainability. A new piece of the plan includes measurable outcomes.

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"We are staying true in the direction set forth by our community and the Board of Trustees with the Destination 2020 Strategic Plan. What we have accomplished with the Destination 2025 Strategic Plan is enhancing the work in order to push our District to the next level," said Gallagher.

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