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Around the Pictures: May 22, 2020

May 22, 2020


LEHS Graduation

The Little Elm High School Class of 2020 had their graduation ceremony at Texas Motor Speedway on Thursday. Congratulations, Lobos!


LMS Parade

Lakeside Middle School students and staff said goodbye to the campus one last time on Wednesday, #Last4LMS. See more pictures on Lakeside’s Facebook page.


Hackberry 5th Grade Parade

Hackberry Elementary teachers and staff passed out tee shirts and goodies for their fifth grade students while the parents and students showed their appreciation for their teachers during their fifth grade parade. See more pictures on Hackberry’s Facebook page.


Lakeview 5th Grade Parade

Students and teachers said their goodbyes during the Lakeview Elementary Fifth Grade Parade on Wednesday. See more pictures on Lakeview’s Facebook page.


Oak Point 5th Grade Parade

Oak Point Elementary teachers and staff lined up to give their fifth graders a memorable last drive during their fifth grade parade. See more pictures on Oak Point’s Facebook page.


Prestwick Parade

Prestwick STEM Academy teachers and staff said goodbye to eighth graders headed off the LEHS and fifth graders headed to the new middle schools next year! See more pictures from Prestwick’s sendoff parades on their Facebook page.


Staff Car Parade

Little Elm ISD staff celebrated the end of the 2019-2020 school year with a drive through parade at Lobo Stadium!