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The Process of Prioritization

Committee members considered four important factors as they worked through a prioritization process during Monday night’s Long Range Facilities Planning Committee meeting. This was the fourth meeting the LRFPC had in a series of five meetings.

Based on the potential projects determined by committee members, they were tasked to prioritize each project by ranking its urgency of need, benefit to students, equity, and value. The potential projects they considered were facilities that address elementary growth, elementary STEM renovations, new middle school, Lakeside Middle School renovations, CTE renovations and expansions at Little Elm High School, Athletic multipurpose facility and existing athletic renovations, and renovations at the Little Elm Athletic Complex. 

This assignment produced conversations that had committee members evaluating long term-facility needs for the District and its future growth. The next Long Range Facilities Planning Committee meeting is May 22 at 6:00 p.m. at Zellars. The public is welcome to attend and listen. More information about the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee.