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LEHS Students Perform in First Piano Recital

May 26, 2017

Piano Students

Lined with electric pianos on top of desks, more than 50 piano students plucked away at the keyboard to learn how to play music inside their piano classroom. But before they learned their performance sheet music, more than half of the students had to learn how to play the piano.  "We have several students who have never played piano before, some who don’t read music, and some students who play various other instruments,"  said Karen Mayberry, choral director and teacher of the revitalized Little Elm High School piano course. 

When LEHS offered piano classes three years ago, Mayberry said it was a highly attended class. But for some reason, the class was cut from the course selection. Now, the class returned for the 2016-2017 school year, thanks to Dr. Lowell Strike, superintendent of Little Elm ISD. More than 50 students signed up to take advantage of this rare opportunity. "Not many schools offer a course like this where students are able to take free piano lessons," said Dr. Strike.  "I believe the arts play a crucial role in the developing the whole student. We have some students who may not get that opportunity to learn an instrument whether it be financial reasons or their involvement in extra curricular activities."

Dr. Strike was in attendance at all three piano recitals where students performed their prepared piece of music. "I was amazed at some of the students’ skill sets and what they have managed to accomplish in such a short time. I heard a performance from a student who doesn’t read music, but performed an impressive version of Adele’s Hello," said Strike.

Next year, students will be able to take Piano II, which is a more advanced piano course.