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Seniors Say Goodbye During Lobo Legacy Walk

May 26, 2017

It started last year as an idea from a video gone viral on social media from Van ISD. Little Elm High School Principal Renee Pentecost knew immediately this was something she wanted her seniors to experience.  "We’re a small enough community, we are all Lobos, and something like this brings our community closer together," said Pentecost.

Little Elm High School held its second Legacy Walk where seniors take the farewell tour of the District. "Last year, it was such a special time for our seniors and it was this year as well. I can see this happening every year," said Pentecost.

Seniors tag hand with elementary students

Dressed in caps, gowns and the biggest smiles, 150 seniors loaded onto three different buses that took them all over the District. Some students, like senior Nicholas Olivares, found his self-portrait art he made on a piece of ceramic tile hanging on the wall at Oak Point Elementary. 

Seniors at Oak Point Elementary

Moments like this make this event special to the seniors because most of the seniors attended another school at Little Elm ISD. If they did not attend an elementary, they attended middle school here. "As I was walking with the students at Lakeside Middle School, it was nice to see the number of teachers giving high-fives and hugs to their former students," she said. 

Seniors even visited Zellars Center for Learning and Leadership where they were able to see the little faces of the students attending the District Childcare.  Not only that, but Zellars was the elementary campus some of these seniors attended at one point in their lives. They even ran into their former Zellars principal, Dr. Cyndy Mika, who is now Assistant Superintendent for Accountability and School Improvement. "I felt blessed to have been able to contribute as they have grown into these wonderful young women and men," she said. "Some of them saw me and said, Ms. Mika, what are you doing here?" Dr. Mika also served as principal at Lakeview Elementary and was able to see some of those students as well.

Seniors Outside Zellars

"It was a great time of celebration. I am thankful for all the different campus principals for allowing our students to come in and be greeted with smiles and hugs. It really made our seniors feel like superheroes and we hope we gave the younger Lobos an idea of something to look forward to," said Pentecost.