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LEHS Choir & Band Bring Home 52 Medals from State Competition

June 2, 2017

Little Elm High School took 58 band and choir students to UT Austin to compete in the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest. These 58 students qualified for the state contest by earning a Superior rating (the highest possible score) at the UIL Regional competition.


The LEHS Choir took 30 students to the State competition. They brought home 16 Superior Soloist gold medals, six Excellent Soloist silver medals, and five Good Soloist ratings. Additionally, the two ensembles earned Superior ratings and first place medals. Five students also received a Good rating, but did not qualify for a medal.


The LEHS Band took 28 students to the competition. They brought home 11 Excellent Soloist silver medals and three Good Soloist ratings. The Sax Ensemble earned a Superior rating and first place medals. Another 11 students received a Excellent rating in ensembles, but did not qualify for a medal. 


Sam Kirchner

For the second year in a row Sam Kirchner, a junior, has been named an Outstanding Soloist and will receive a State Champion Medal.


Superior Soloist gold medal winners:

Julia Aguirre – Choir

Victoria Bird Rhodes – Choir

Zaria Caballero – Choir

Melissa Chitakunye – Choir

Annabeth Frizzell – Choir

Brenden Hill – Choir

Joey Hill – Choir

Jake Jasso – Choir

Sam Kirchner – Choir

Karen-nissa Muro – Choir

Sergio Rodriguez – Choir

Brandon Sears – Choir

Dalton Shields – Choir

Hannah Smith – Choir

Olivia Stone – Choir

Paitlynn Thorpe – Choir


Choir Students on Bus

Excellent Soloist silver medal winners:

Lauren Blackwood – Percussion

Holly Burroughs – Piano & Percussion

Jackie Carmona – Choir

Harrison Collins – Bassoon

Amy Hazlewood – Choir

Larissa Hernandez – Choir

Anna McNutt – Choir

Anna McNutt – Trumpet

Armando Oliver Cruz – French Horn

Gavin Olson – Percussion

Samantha O’Mara – Choir

Hannah Perry – Choir

Diego Raygoza-Castanos – French Horn

Chassity Roberts – French Horn

Aimen Shaw – French Horn

Kodey Smith – Percussion


Ensemble Superior rating first place medal winners:

Choir Treble Trip – Chelsea Chang, Hannah Smith, and Grace Wells

Choir Mixed Ensemble – Julia Aguirre, Zaria Caballero, Landon Jackson, Sam Kirchner, Brandon Sears, Olivia Stone, Paitlynn Thorpe, and Grace Wells

Band Sax Ensemble – Julia Hoppe, Trevor Jackson, Daniel Larin, Ethan Mangan, Augustin Miranda, Josh Ortiz, and Donovin Wilson