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2017-2018 ALI Program Graduates

May 22, 2018

Little Elm ISD's Aspiring Leaders Institute (ALI) is a leadership training program that is open to any staff member in the District who has a desire to become a better leader. ALI supports the development of strong educational leadership to improve student learning and organizational effectiveness. The program is intended to design a culture of excellence in Little Elm ISD by intentionally developing leaders who work to Engage, Equip, and Empower each student to realize their full potential. ALI course are facilitated by Daniel Gallagher, Superintendent of Schools; Ross Roberts, Deputy Superintendent; Dr. Ashley Glover, Executive Director for Educational Services; Dr. Tony Tipton, Executive Director for Marketing & Community Partnerships; and Amanda Ball, Director for Professional Learning. Congratulations to the 2017-2018 graduates:


ALI III Graduates:

ALI III Graduates

Anderson, Pamela
Armstrong, Gina
Ballenger, Laura
Beyer, Kelly
Bhattacharya, Shauna
Coffey, Sean
Gentry, Michelle
Guerra, Chelsie
Hamlin, Kevin
Hardin, Ronni
Heckman, Melissa
Hopgood, Adrianne
Jensen, Denise
Love, Melissa
Lucas, Polly
Malcom, Erika
Martin, Tamra
Mince, Marcus
Perry, Scott
Pierre, Lester
Smith, Kimberly
Smith, Teresa
Smith, Teri
Uretsky, Jessika


ALI II Graduates:

ALI II Graduates

Alley, Shelly
Bashir, Faizha
Beal, Nicole
Brown, Keisha
Buonanno, Andrea
Castillo, Mauel
Cogdell, Danny
Deverich, Deborah
Guidry, Amy
Gwinn, Jennifer
Horne, Crystal
Hulet, Jackson
Jackson, Alicia
Jackson, Keith
Kim, Hannah
Konkler, Julie
Kremer, Heather
Leslie, Chad
Lewis, Becca
Madeley, Janel
Morales, Ruth
Nohre, LoriAnn
Phan, Domenica
Robinson, Kylie
Sanchez, Joy
Scott, Tina
Smith, Nigel
Solinski, Tammi
Sparks, Michelle
Swinney, Brian
Tipton, Tina
Whipple, James


ALI I Graduates:

ALI I Graduates

Andrews, Sheena
Beyette, Michelle
Brodsky, Darcie
Coker, Nikki
Delvalle, Vanessa
Duckworth, Tiffany
Everman, Jennifer
Flores, Marta
Fox, Kristen
Freer, Brandon
Guidry, Hannah
Hataway, Alana
Head, Sarah
Helus, Clifton
Holmes, Rhonda
Hughes, Amber
Ince, Krystal
Larue, Amber
Layman, Tiffany
Measles, Ashley
Mendez, Richard
Moya Alfaro, Vanessa
Northcutt, Kim
Olenski, James
Ouellette, Angela
Presley, Debbie
Robinson, LeCrecia
Rodriguez, Nicholas
Sain, Michael
Sterling, Jennifer
Trimble, Tina
Tuffs, Jennifer
Weir, Katie
Wilson, Nicole
Woods, Crystal