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Strategic Plan Update

May 24, 2018

In April 2015, when the Little Elm ISD Strategic Plan was written, Destination 2020 seemed far into the future. Having passed the halfway mark to 2020, leaders from each department reviewed and updated the plan, celebrating accomplishments and highlighting the pieces that are still in progress. Dr. Ashley Glover, Executive Director for Educational Services, presented the updated plan to the Board of Trustees on Monday night. “As we made updates, it was important to maintain the original goals while reflecting on how the District has grown and changed. We wanted to show the progress that we’ve made in meeting the new challenges that have come our way.” Glover said. “The District will continue to evaluate and revise action steps of the strategic plan.”


Superintendent Daniel Gallagher added, “We are close to 2020, we are at the point now where we will begin looking further into the future to see if this plan will be updated to reflect goals into 2025.”


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