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Student Recommendations

During Recommendation Windows

LEISD accepts recommendations for any students currently enrolled in Little Elm ISD. Students can be recommended by parents, teachers, counselors, peers, community members, or the students themselves. 

Outside of the Recommendation Window

LEISD accepts recommendations for students who have transferred to LEISD:

  • from another district where they were identified as gifted.
  • from a public school that did not offer a gifted and talented program.
  • from a private school that did not offer a gifted and talented program.

Learn more about the process for Kindergarten students.

Screening Process

In order for a student to be considered for the GT Program in Little Elm ISD, he/she must be assessed.  All students who are recommended for the program will be initially screened using data from their MAP/CPAA assessments.  If your child successfully meets the district standard on MAP/CPAA, they are eligible for a non-verbal abilities test.  The non-verbal abilities test determines whether or not the student moves forward in the GT screening process.  The remainder of the GT screening process consists of informal teacher and parent checklists and formal testing in the areas of creativity and achievement. 

Parent/Guardian Permission to Test and Checklist