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Adult Learning Events

District Professional Learning DaysThe LEISD calendar supports continued professional growth by integrating time for campus, district, and independent professional learning.

District professional learning days for 2023-2024 are:

September 1st

October 10th

November 10th

January 5th

March 8th

May 28, 2024 has been designated as an Exchange Day. If the required amount of Exchange Hours have not been earned by May 28th, the employee will report to the LEISD Admin Building for professional learning. See the Exchange Hour Guidelines for details.

Lobo Welcome Week- New Hire Orientation All Teachers and full time instructional professionals new to Little Elm ISD attend Lobo Welcome Week and participate in Orientation sessions where they are introduced to the district mission, vision, and instructional cornerstones or role specific expectations. During Welcome Week, new famiLE members take part in a number of collaborative events that have become traditions in Little Elm. Active participation in New Hire and orientation activities is required.


 Who Attends?

Full time instructional professionals who were hired during the 2023-2024 school year after Lobo Welcome Week 2023, attend Welcome Week 2024.

Full time instructional professionals returning to the district within 3 academic years, attend two days only.

Participants who miss required sessions will be asked to complete alternative tasks and/or additional professional learning. In some cases, the employee could be required to attend part or all of Welcome Week the following school year. Please contact your supervisor to report one or more anticipated absences for Welcome Week

Fall Kick Off (FKO)

During Fall Kick Off (FKO), all educators in Little Elm ISD collaborate cross-campus and in strategic settings, participate in targeted continued learning, and prepare for the return of our PK-12 students. FKO is a combination of required district led, optional district led, campus based, and departmental professional learning events and activities. This event is mandatory for all full time instructional staff and is held during the contracted workday for most employees. Please check your job specific calendar for details.

Fall Kick Off 2023 Schedule

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