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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining the Little Elm Independent School District family. We strive to engage and equip our staff for excellence through quality training and professional development. We offer competitive salaries and a wide arrange of employment opportunities.

Available job postings

Tech Support for TalentEd Application system

LEISD Hiring Practice

  1. Each campus principal or administrative office reviews the relevant on-line applications for the open campus/department position. 
  2. Based upon the campus principal or administrative office review, candidates are selected for interview. Notice of interview may be provided by email or phone. 
  3. Upon selection, the candidate is notified that the campus principal or administrative office will be recommending the selected candidate to Human Resources. 
  4. When the recommendation is received by Human Resources, a crminal background check and confirmation of required documentation is completed. Once Human Resources approved the hire, the selected candidate will receive a phone call from Human resources with the formal offer. Only Human Resources can make an offer of employment.