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Inclement Weather Statement

Inclement Weather Statement

a picture of a snow flake and lightening bolt that represent bad weather

When there is a forecast of potential inclement weather, Little Elm ISD administrators monitor the situation closely.

Before Little Elm ISD makes the decision to close or delay school, we considered numerous factors including: the safety of students, staff, and parents and the disruptions caused in the home when school is canceled or if there is an early release. Officials consider current road conditions and forecasts and are also in contact with neighboring district leaders to see what decisions are being made in the area.

Winter Weather: If a decision must be made as to school closing or a late opening, announcements will be posted on the front of the Little Elm ISD website and on our local television stations (WFAA, NBC5, ; the district will also utilize the phone/email message system, Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise, schools will be open as scheduled.

When the threat of inclement weather exists, LEISD officials will drive the roads beginning at 4:30 a.m. to make a decision by 5:30 a.m. We also partner with the Town of Little Elm safety officials to monitor road and weather conditions/updates. When dangerous conditions exist we ask parents to listen to the news on the radio or television stations and to check the LEISD website or other news channel websites for potential changes in the regular schedule. Those venues are contacted and updated by 6 a.m.

After school and evening activities: If we do not have school, the assumption will be that we will not hold after-school or evening activities unless otherwise communicated. If conditions deteriorate during the day or the threat of inclement weather becomes more likely, we may modify schedules/cancel after-school and evening activities. Those changes will also be posted on the website and other LEISD methods of communication will be utilized.

Spring Weather: Spring Severe weather season is from March through May. According to the National Weather Service (NOAA), severe weather in Texas typically occurs between 3pm – 7pm. 

  • Tornado WATCH – This means conditions are favorable for a tornado and puts us on alert. We may decide to delay school transportation or release students early depending on the situation.
  • Tornado WARNING – This means a tornado has been spotted and puts us on high alert. Students will be sheltered in accordance with campus plans. Understand that when campuses are on high alert status, employees are also sheltered. For the interest of safety, we prefer to keep students in shelter and will not be checked out at this point. Parents may shelter with campus personnel, but might not be with their child. Please DO NOT interfere with the operation of school personnel, you will put their lives in danger.
  • Tornado WARNING DURING BUS ROUTES – if a tornado warning is issued during a bus route, the bus will go directly to the nearest predetermined safe location and shelter the students in a safe place. 

Communication: Please be aware of any potential severe weather advisories. Stay close to a phone or computer for you to receive important information regarding our response to severe weather.

Ways we communicate include:
Mass Notification through phone, text, and email
Local TV stations (primarily for winter weather)
X (formally Twitter)