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Raptor Emergency Management Program

Little Elm ISD utilizes the Raptor Emergency Management Program for emergency situations. Raptor is aligned to Standard Response Protocol from I Love You Guys and allows campus, district, or city personnel to initiate an emergency protocol for any campus in Little Elm ISD. Once the protocol is initiated, it is then electronically communicated to every employee in the building and district level officials through their computers and cell phones.  

This program also communicates with the city of Little Elm and gives police, firefighters, and emergency responders access to campus floor plans, photos, contact information and much more from inside their squad cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. It also gives an accurate location of where the distress signal originated from within the building. 

Raptor also has a built-in Emergency Drill Management System that aligns with the drill requirements of the Texas School Safety Center. This tool helps campus and district personnel ensure that the required drills have been conducted and documents when each drill was conducted. 

Lastly, Raptor has a reunification tool that aligns to the LEISD Reunification Plan and is very beneficial should the reunification process ever have to occur.