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SafeStop Mobile App

SafeStop Mobile App now available for Little Elm ISD!

Safestop Mobile App

Features of the new SafeStop Mobile App:

  • It's free and features an easy-to-use interface
  • Provides expected bus stop arrival times and Bus Locator
  • Alerts & messaging for service notifications and updates
  • Secure registration to ensure access for only authorized users



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Get Started

  1. Search "SafeStop" on your Apple or Android device to download the free app. You can also access SafeStop on the web at
  2. Select "Create Account", enter your information, and search for Little Elm ISD with your zip code.
  3. Locate and select Little Elm ISD from the list provided.
  4. Code is lobo
  5. Enter in at least one valid Student ID to complete your secure registration. If you have multiple children on different routes, enter each of those Student IDs.
  6. Do you not know your student ID? Contact your campus or check the FOCUS Parent Portal

Returning user? Log in to your SafeStop account then click "Reactivate Your Account". From there, just enter your zip code, select Little Elm ISD, and re-enter your Student IDs to successfully renew your account for the year.

Setting Up Your Account

  • Once you log in to your account, your assigned bus stops will be displayed in your account.
  • Should this information be incomplete or incorrect, please use the Report An App Issue feature in the Settings area of your account to inform your transportation department.
  • NOTE: SafeStop relies on the information provided by the transportation department and will not distribute or modify route or student information.

Using Your Account

  • Each bus stop features a Bus Locator button and a Schedule Arrival Time. In most cases, an Estimated Time of Arrival will appear once we confirm the route is geing performed as planned.
  • The Alerts & Messaging Center is located inthe top-right corner of the app, which contains messages and updates from your transportation department.


For additional help, email or call (800) 842-8936.

Report an App Issue: Tap the Settings Icon and select Report An App Issue.